Window Blackout Shutters

Perfect for children's rooms, nursery's or nightshift works who sleep in the day and need darkness. Shutters

More than just a good nights sleep with Window Blackout Shutters

Shutters offer great light closure in a room but they do not provide complete blackout.

Whilst many customers find that shutters offer sufficient closure and are a better solution than curtains or blinds, our shutters with an integrated blind are an excellent solution for those that require greater darkness in a room.

Shutters are a light diffusing product rather than blackout. There will be light coming through where the louvers of the shutters meet and at the edges of the panels/frames. Tracked shutters will have larger light gaps because of the tracks above and below the panels.

Shutters with an integrated blind are a popular choice for bedrooms, nurseries, and home theatres or tv rooms. They can help you get a good night’s sleep, create a dark and quiet environment for your baby, or provide a perfect viewing experience for your favourite movies.

Shutters with an integrated blind are more expensive than regular shutters but, in our opinion, are well worth the investment.

Here are some others ways to try and create near blackout in a room:

Blackout blinds behind shutters

You could decide to have a blind behind your shutters although bear in mind that there will still be an element of light seep at the sides of the blind. You would need to decide on this option before your shutters are ordered as it will impact where the shutters are mounted within the reveal.

If you already have shutters and want to retrospectively fit a blind, we recommend contacting a reputable local blind retailer. As long as there is sufficient space behind the shutters, they should be able to assist you with this.

Shutters with curtains

A combination of window coverings can be effective and create the light closure required.

If a heavy fabric curtain is hung in front of the shutters, the combined efforts will usually provide the desired results. This is, though, an expensive option as you are having to pay for both shutters and curtains if you don’t already have some in place.

Solid shutters

Solid shutters don’t have any louvers/slats so you immediately eliminate the light seep here. However, you will still get some light coming in through the gap between the panel and the frame and your options are more limited in the daytime as you can only have the panels fully open or closed. You also need space either side of your windows to fold the panels back to clear the window.

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