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Shutters for traditional hinged and sliding patio doors have become more common, especially in new builds. Shutters

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Giving warmth & privacy to French & Patio Door

Shutters are a great way to dress french, patio, bi-fold or sliding doors. They create privacy and style and are a fantastic way to both shade and insulate your room, depending on the time of year.

There are many different styles of shutters available for doors, enabling you to choose the perfect look for your home. Some popular styles include:

  • Full Height shutters with a mid-rail: these shutters cover the entire door from top to bottom. The mid-rail is commonly positioned in line with the door handles and the louvers/slats operate independently of each other, above and below the midrail.
  • Full Height shutters with a T post: the use of a T-post sub frame can dress a French door with shutters, without the need for a track system. This design ensures that the shutters are very stable and that the centre panels can be folded back without protruding into the room. They won’t, however, fold completely clear of the door.
  • Tracked shutters: this is an ideal solution if you want the entire door clear of the shutters when opened. The track enables the panels to be stacked to one or both sides of the door but there must be the space in your room to do this. This would be the most expensive option of the 3.

MDF or hardwood shutters can be used on doors provided the panel size and width of the opening are within the known limits of the product.

Shutters are not always possible with inward opening doors. If you would like to send us some images of your doors, we can assess this further for you.

Shutters act as a barrier to pets, children and bugs when the doors are open, but still allow ventilation through the louvers/slats – a huge bonus in the hot summer months.

Here are some of the benefits of using French & Patio Door:

We have extensive experience installing shutters on doors and we will always advise on what we think is the best solution for you. We can find a design to suit your needs and complement your existing style and furnishings. Contact us today!

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