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Plantation shutters do a better job of reflecting the sun than curtains so your home is cooler on hot days. Shutters

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Keeping cool with Reducing Heat Gain Shutters

Shutters are an ideal solution for shading your home in the hot summer months. They can help keep your home cooler by reducing, or preventing, the sun’s rays from entering through the windows and therefore reducing the internal temperatures.

Shutters can also help control the amount of natural light in the room so you can prevent glare and use your home in comfort.

Warmer summers and better insulated homes mean that UK homeowners are trying to find new ways of reducing heat gain in their homes. Double glazed windows with low e-coatings, designed to keep heat in during the winter, are one of the causes of overheating as the glazing prevents unwanted heat from escaping during the summer.

According to research (more info on the BBSA website), overheating is occurring in up to 20% of all homes in England – and the problem is expected to become more prevalent in the future, due to hotter summers.

Shutters can help prevent excessive heat gain by blocking or reflecting the sun’s rays.

Here are some of the benefits of using Reducing Heat Gain shutters:

How to use your shutters to shade and cool your home in the summer:

  • If you are up very early, open your shutters briefly to let in some cooler air.
  • Ensure the shutters are closed again early morning to keep the excessive heat out.
  • Open the shutters again if the air is cooler in the late evening
  • Close the shutters at night on east and south east elevations to protect from early morning heat gains
  • Open the shutters at night on west and north west elevations to assist night time cooling.
  • On days where there’s a breeze, open a window behind the shutters, have louvers/slats open slightly to allow air flow while still shading your room.

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