How to reduce heat loss through your windows

Did you know that windows are the weak point in your home and are letting heat out? And that shutters are an effective way to insulate your windows and reduce heat loss by preventing some of this heat escaping?

With the current cost of living crisis, we’re all looking for energy saving ideas for our homes. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice style over functionality to enjoy the energy saving benefits of shutters this winter. You can literally have the best of both worlds!

Think of shutters as insulation for your windows, helping you stay warmer and more comfortable in your home during the colder months of the year.

Independent research commissioned by our industry has shown that shutters can reduce heat loss from windows by up to a massive 28%. And typically, the older the window, the bigger the insulation benefit of shutters. The results were conclusive and clearly showed that shutters can help save energy and keep homes warmer in the winter.

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And don’t forget, shutters have a great role to play in summer too – helping reduce heat gain by the sun’s rays from entering your home and helping you keep cooler.

With energy efficiency becoming a top priority and climate change impacting people’s lives, shutters can support your comfort and wellbeing at home.

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And if you want to learn more about the research carried out on the energy efficiencies of shutters, please click here.

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