Tier on Tier Shutters

Two sets of panels with independent operation.
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Flexibility and style

Tier on Tier interior shutters are a type of shutter that consists of two panels that are stacked on top of each other, like a stable door. The top panel is typically smaller than the bottom panel, and both panels can be opened and closed independently. This provides flexibility in terms of light control and privacy.

Tier on Tier shutters are available in a variety of materials, colours and finishes. They are often used in Victorian properties that look directly onto the street. Their design allows you to fold back the top tier whilst the bottom tier remains closed with the louvers tilted for privacy.

This style of shutter is not always feasible, and we will advise you as to whether this option is suitable for your windows.

Shutters in Haywards Heath, Sussex | The Window Shutter Company

Plenty of choice

The size and configuration of your shutters may prohibit the use of this option. It is only possible to hang a maximum of 2-3 panels from a hinge and the overall height of the section must be taller than it is wide.

This style of shutter will also require adequate wall space for the panels to fold back when required. We would only recommend a bi-fold pair when using this style and would carefully assess the stress that will be placed on the hinges which could cause a problem over time.

A perfect alternative

A perfect alternative where Tier on Tier is not possible, would be Full Height shutters with a mid rail or louver split. These shutters still give the option to operate the louvers/slats independently top and bottom, but as a single panel. They are more stable and can still be folded back if desired.

We fully guide you through the decision process at the FREE home design visit and show you all of the alternatives available.

Benefits of Tier on Tier Shutters

If you are considering adding Tier on Tier interior shutters to your home, please get in touch with us to discuss further and to book your FREE home design visit.

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