Solid Shutters

Cover the window entirely, no louvres for security and privacy.
Shutters in Haywards Heath, Sussex | The Window Shutter Company

Maximum blackout and security

Solid panel interior shutters are a type of shutter that has no louvers or slats. They are made of a solid piece of hardwood and offer a much more traditional look than louvered shutters, and can be a great way to add style and light closure to your home.

We only offer a solid or solid based option in a raised panel design. All styles are possible though: Full Height, Café or Tier on Tier – your decision being influenced by the need for privacy and light control, and the style of your property.

Shutters in Haywards Heath, Sussex | The Window Shutter Company

Period styling

The Solid shutter style is probably the most traditional English style shutter and resembles the original shutters mounted in Victorian properties to secure their homes when vacated.

Shutters are an ideal solution for dressing Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian sash windows.

Shutters compliment the natural lines of the window and can be easily fitted to the box frame. They are also a perfect solution for bay windows.

We can't renovate, sorry!

We are unable to renovate existing solid shutters or provide shutters that will fold back into original window boxes.

Benefits of Solid Shutters

If you are considering adding Solid interior shutters to your home, please get in touch with us to discuss further and to book your FREE home design visit.

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