Tracked shutters in Horsham, West Sussex

Tracked shutter Boston Premium Easy Tilt dining room door modern house Horsham West Sussex 2 0517

Shutter Installation Facts

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Project Details

In May 2017, we installed Tracked Shutters in a dining room for a client in Horsham, West Sussex.

Generally, for a space that is wider than 1.8 to 2 metres, you would need to consider Tracked Shutters as an option. This is especially the case if you want to fold the shutters back to expose the entire window.

For this installation we used our Montana premium hardwood shutters with a top and bottom track to cover a bi-fold door to the garden. To keep the look simple and create as much light as possible, we used the Easy-Tilt (hidden tilt control) mechanism in Pure White with a 63mm louvre. A mid rail divide was necessary for a shutter of this height to add strength to the panels, and this allows the operation of the louvres to be independent above and below the rail.

Whilst it is possible to use a top track only, we would always recommend having a bottom track as well. The bottom track is an aluminium M shaped strip that is fitted on the floor, and it helps guide the shutters that are suspended from the top track. Its shape and low profile make it fairly inconspicuous, and its use means the panels will not flap and ensures they fold back with a much smoother motion.

The design of tracked shutters must have an even panel count on each side, although it is possible to have all the shutters folding in one direction. They will stack neatly, at 90 degrees from the window, on the relevant side to allow the complete exposure of the window or door behind.

Where tracked shutters are installed, we will dress the side of the reveal with light block U shaped side frames and a pelmet to the head (top of the reveal) to hide the top track.

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