Shutters to stop dog barking in East Grinstead, West Sussex

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Project Details

In May 2017, we were contacted by our client in East Grinstead, West Sussex with a request for shutters to stop the dog barking!! This may seem a slightly unusual request but it is, in fact, a question we are asked fairly regularly!

The requirements for shutters vary from client to client and can often be down to reasons far removed from the style and functionality of the product. This was the case with this client who was looking for a solution to their chihuahua’s constant barking.

The living room window of the property faces a fairly busy road with constant traffic and footfall. Their sofa sits across the front window and the dog had the habit of sitting on the back of the sofa and barking at anything that moved outside. Whilst being annoying in itself, this also set our clients other dogs off at the same time and was driving the family to distraction.

We visited the client at their home and, in front of the window in question, discussed the options available.

Curtains or blinds?

Curtains wouldn’t have worked as they essentially are either open or closed and even when closed, the dog could find a way behind them!  Blinds would also be either open or closed.


Shutters, however, offer the unique solution that whilst they can be fully open or closed, they can also be in part open or part closed.  So, for example, you could install full height shutters which would cover the whole of the window, but have the top third of the louvres operating independently of the bottom two thirds.

How does this help with a dog barking?

By installing shutters with a tilt split, the client could either close or tilt the louvres at the bottom so that the view outside for the dog was obscured.  They could then leave the top louvres open allowing light to flood into the room.

The only anomaly we had to negotiate was the panel configuration as the window had one large pane with a smaller opening window on the right hand side.

We settled on an LRTR (left opening panel, right opening panel, T post, right opening panel) configuration to align with the window correctly and provide easy access to the opening window.

A Pure White Seattle shutter with a 76mm louvre, and classic centre tilt rod, ensured a light, bright finish to the room.

The slightly larger louvres allow maximum light control and a mid rail divide allows for the lower louvres to be adjusted separately to the top.

Whilst simple and straightforward, this stylish addition to the living room also completed its primary objective for the client. With the top set of louvres open to allow light into the room the lower section can be closed or angled so that the dog can no longer see out and therefore doesn’t bark.

Whatever your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. We offer a free home design visit with no obligation to buy.

We are members of Checkatrade and The Guild of Mastercraftsmen and all of our shutters come with a 5 year guarantee.

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