Shutters for uneven windows

Cafe-style shutters, Seattle, reception room, London, wonky windows, March 2020

Shutter Installation Facts

  • Shutters for wonky windows

  • Shutters for uneven window reveals

  • Café style shutters

  • White shutters

  • Lounge shutters

Project Details

Original Victorian sash windows look amazing with any style of shutter dressing them, but they do offer their own brand of difficulties for us during installation. Not surprising really as they are over 100 years old.

Our client chose a simple design in the Seattle MDF range. Café style (half height shutters) for downstairs and full height shutters with a mid-rail in the master bedroom. We advised against Tier on Tier as the windows were very out of square and this style can be impossible to align in such cases.

A Pure White colour with matching hinges, 63mm louvre and hidden tilt mechanism kept the shutters simple and elegant to compliment the décor and period style of the property.

As advised during the survey, the windows were very twisted in various directions and in particular the window sills dropped from left to right significantly. By using a face fix, four-sided frame we could align the shutters to each individual window and negate the slope of the sill and the twists in the wood frame windows to create an aesthetically pleasing result that we, and our clients, were thrilled with.

Whilst shutters must be square to operate correctly, often the windows aren’t, and we can almost always find a way to make the final result look appealing. The one thing you have to accept is that sometimes the level just isn’t, and it is the actual look to the eye that is important.

We have extensive installation experience of over 20 years – this is an important point to consider when choosing which shutter company to use as you want to ensure that the standard of installation matches that of the product and price.

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