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Project Details

Shutters are an ideal solution for most windows, but when it comes to angled or shaped windows, no other window dressing solution works quite as well.

With a growing trend in new build properties being fitted with angle topped, raked windows, we are often contacted by buyers looking for advice.

Our client in this case was purchasing a new build property in a small development where two of the large bedroom windows were angled/raked and faced their neighbours.

Our brief was to provide a solution that would enhance the beautiful shape of the windows, whilst providing adequate privacy and light control in each of the four bedrooms.

The two front bedrooms had large, shaped windows, whilst the other two had wide, straight windows and one small, square window. We discussed the clients’ options and design at length.

We can supply shutters in many different materials and finishes, however in this case, our hardwood shutters were the only viable option.

With our assistance the client had to decide how many panels they wanted, the louvre size, the colour, and their preferred hinge.

The shutters were ordered from our hardwood range with 63mm louvres in Pure White with matching hinges. We used T posts, both vertically and horizontally, to create a complete framework that mirrored the window frame and allowed us to cover the large span without stress on the hinges.

In this case, all sections of the shutters can be opened to clean or access the windows, and the louvres provide perfect light and privacy control. The massive advantage of the shutters in this case is that the room still feels bright and airy without dominating each room. They appear to make the wall taller than it actually is (and the ceiling is high already).

The client was thrilled with the overall result and was kind enough to provide the video testimonial which you can watch below.

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