Shaped shutters for raked windows

Shaped shutter solution for raked windows in High Wycombe, featured image

Shutter Installation Facts

  • Shaped shutters

  • Hardwood shutters

  • Wooden shutters

  • Shutters for gable end window

Project Details

Our client was looking for a window shutter solution for their large, shaped gable end window in their home.

Once we had established from the client’s photos that shutters were feasible, we offered a cost estimate prior to survey. This can be a useful exercise to give the customer an idea of costs involved.

Once on site it became clear that, whilst doable, this window was more of an issue than was obvious from the photos. The concern was that where the angled ceiling had been plastered up to the window, it had been ‘feathered’ therefore creating a curve.

Because shutters, particularly raked or angled shutters, have straight lines, we had to be creative to accommodate the subtle curves. We discussed with the client following the lines of the actual window and then sculpting battens and using caulk to follow the softer exterior lines. The goal was to make the ceiling look like it merged with the shutters.

As this was a shaped window, our Montana hardwood shutters were required. The client opted for a Pure White colour with a 63mm louvre and matching hinges.

Installation went to plan and the shutters were fitted as envisaged.

We hope you agree that the end result looks stunning and is functional for the space, allowing access to the window but giving a level of light control and privacy that previous window dressings had not achieved.

We are immensely proud of the fact that our many years of experience gives us the ability to offer innovative solutions such as this and that we can provide an exceptional finish.

Our mission has always been to offer the very best product and service for our clients. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your project further.

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