Shaped shutters for apex window in Hastings, East Sussex

Shutter Installation Facts

  • Hardwood shutters

  • Apex window shutters

  • Hastings shutters

  • Shaped shutters

Project Details

One of our most challenging installations of 2016 began back in July 2016.  We received an enquiry from the client in Hastings, requesting shutters for an apex window.

They had just purchased a penthouse apartment in a newly renovated building on the coast road. This magnificent building looks out to sea and from the 4th floor penthouse, the view is quite spectacular indeed.

The window in question in the master suite, is approximately 4 metres wide and 3.7 metres tall to the point of the apex. Comprising of five sections, with a transom in the window, the entire gable end of the room is glass and there in was the client’s problem. As the view is southerly, and unobscured, it gets the sun all day long.  On cloudless sunny days, it becomes unbearable in the room.

The bigger problem is that any sunlight is magnified by the glass in the window and, in the short period since purchasing the property, the client had already noticed fading to both their furniture and flooring. Also, the lack of window dressing meant that any chance of sleeping in the suite, resulted in extremely early waking when the sun rose.

From the images and rough dimensions that we received; we were able to offer a guide price to the client prior to the free home design visit. In most cases, we attempt to do this so that our clients are able to assess the cost implication of shutters and in cases of this size especially, they can then decide if the shutters are likely to be within budget.

After considering options and the costs involved for a project this size, the free home design visit was arranged, and Tim went to discuss the design and options available.  Also, during the visit, we measure up ready for potential orders so that we have no need for second visits.

During free home design visits we always ascertain the main priorities of the client. In this case, they were:

  • Dress the window for shade and light control
  • Allow opening of the shutters to maximise the view
  • Use a material that would last in such extreme conditions.

Shutters will follow the lines of the windows and offer both shade and light control sufficient to protect the furniture and floor and allow someone to sleep in such a bright room (although this will not be complete blackout, to achieve such a thing would require a bespoke solution).

By designing the shutters in 10 separate sections, we allowed for the lower sections to open completely and expose the amazing view.  The shaped upper sections open for cleaning the windows but are limited due to the angled sides.

Any of our materials would have been feasible but due to the temperature involved, we went for the entry range Seattle MDF shutters which are the most durable and cost effective of all our ranges.

The measuring of a window this size takes a little longer than normal and lead times are extended due to the drawings we receive from the factory but, in this case, we were still able to install within 11 weeks of ordering the shutters. The installation went smoothly, and the shutters were installed in November 2016. Apart from a long hike up four flights of stairs with some of the bigger panels, we had no issue at all!

The only thing we had to contend with was the brightness of the day as we were treated to the clearest, sunniest day possible. Quite a sight to see….three shutter fitters in t-shirts, shorts and sunglasses on the last day of November, but not a problem! Working off ladders, we made short work of the install and were finished in approximately 5/6 hours and we hope you will agree that the results are truly spectacular.

With the years of experience that we have in shutters, it is still always a real thrill to install something unusual. Something of this size has added challenges in terms of measuring and installing. We pride ourselves in providing the smoothest experience possible for our customers and making sure that what we leave them with, is what they had envisaged.

Here we have achieved everything we set out to. The suite is no longer scorched by the sun and the view is still there when required. The window has also maintained its ‘wow’ factor when you walk in the room. Its imposing height and width give the room a sense of grandeur.  It also makes the room feel much bigger and spacious than its actual floor plan. The shutters do no more than enhance this feeling. We are very pleased with the results!

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