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Over the years, we are proud to have been commissioned on several occasions to supply and install shaped shutters in some very unusual and spectacular windows. As a bespoke product, indoor window shutters are ideal where no other window dressing can follow the shape of the windows and maintain the architectural integrity of the building. Ideal to create a shading option or to provide privacy, shutters will allow a look and flexibility that is unrivalled.

Late in 2014, we were contacted and asked to design and discuss options for two windows within a building project in Sussex where the view was beautiful, but the windows were both large and shaped. The biggest issue was that the rooms, which were both in the loft space, had aspects that meant they were getting extremely hot, even in the winter.

Although shaped, the full and half apex/raked top windows were actually fairly straightforward to provide in shutters and whilst they need to be carefully measured, they could be fitted as easily as any other window shutter.

One of the biggest benefits of the shutters for our client was that the view would not be compromised whilst shade could still be offered and that the shutters would complement the building rather than take over as a feature.

Early in 2015 we were given the go ahead to place the order and we installed within our usual lead time without a hitch. Both our customer and ourselves were delighted with the end result and as the pictures show, the shutters are both practical and stunning.

Whilst apex top shutters with raked angles are a standard shape option in shutters, we are very capable of providing many different shapes and options and can fit shutters to almost any shape imaginable. We have been commissioned on several occasions to provide circles, arches and irregular shaped angled shutters and all have looked amazing.

If you have a shaped window and are considering your options, you can see examples on our Shaped Shutters page or request more images directly from us for inspiration. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and are confident that we can provide shutters for you that will fulfil your aspirations.

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