Hardwood shutters in Kingswood, Surrey

Full height hidden split shutter Boston Premium Pure White 63mm hidden tilt straight window dining room Kingswood 0717

Shutter Installation Facts

  • Full Height shutters

  • Shaped shutters

  • Hardwood shutters

  • Kingswood shutters

  • Surrey shutters

Project Details

In July 2017, we installed the second phase of shutters to this property in the prestigious Kingswood estate in Surrey.

Having fitted shutters in this client’s previous home, the design phase was very straightforward. For this property, a simple, clean look was decided upon, as opposed to the colourful and flamboyant shutters we had installed before.

Phase one dressed the windows in all the bedrooms and included several shaped shutters to the arch top windows. This second phase installed shutters in the main living area and the kitchen.

Using our Montana full hardwood shutters, we were able to use a full height tri-fold configuration in the kitchen over the sink.

These shutters are lightweight enough to easily hang three panels from a hinge and allow the shutters to fold right back without taking up space in the room.

The large windows in the dining area (see image at top of this article) have two panels bi-folding and the French door in the living room uses our T post internal frame to align perfectly with the existing window configuration.

A 63mm louver and hidden tilt control mechanism gave a clean and contemporary look without compromising on light. Hidden tilt splits in the windows and a mid-rail in the door gave flexible light control. A Pure White paint finish, our brightest white colour, is ideal when trying to maximise light as it easily reflects natural light into the room.

The end result is understated and compliments the décor and style of the room perfectly. We were delighted to get the chance to work with this client again and look forward to working on their stunning property again in the future.

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