Floor to ceiling shutters in Brighton, East Sussex

Full height mid rail shutter Boston Premium Pure White 63mm hidden tilt control bedroom modern house Brighton 1 0616

Shutter Installation Facts

  • Full height shutters

  • Brighton shutters

  • East Sussex shutters

  • Sussex shutters

Project Details

As a repeat customer, this client had a good idea of how shutters would suit her new home. A modern development in Brighton, this property had some large floor to ceiling windows and sliding French doors onto balconies.

We used our most popular 63mm louver/slat on these full height shutters, to maximise light and create beautifully balanced panels. The hidden tilt mechanism provides a modern and aesthetically simple look and the required mid rails, that are necessary in panels of this height, align with natural breaks in the windows.

A unique window in the spare room has one of the smallest returns we have ever dressed in shutters. Essentially, a half square bay window, the side return is almost too small for shutters and blinds were not working in this space. Just within limits, the very narrow panel looks perfect and creates a stunning effect with the light when angled into the room.

Mounted in sections we avoided having to use tracking on the larger windows and all the panels can be opened for access to the windows and doors or just to allow more natural light into the rooms.

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