Bedroom shutters in Henfield, Sussex

Full height shutter Boston Premium easy tilt bedroom barn conversion Henfield West Sussex 10 0917

Shutter Installation Facts

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Project Details

As part of an extension project, our client wanted to incorporate shutters in a very large bedroom window facing their drive entrance. The extension, to become the master bedroom, was built sympathetically to compliment the barn style dwelling and is constructed using green oak in a single storey barn style.

Initial conversations centred on using a tracked shutter to combat the large panels that would be required in the space.  The main objective was to create privacy to the room but not detract from this feature window. Colour was also an important factor in the design process.

During the site visit our suggestions were dictated by the size of the opening and the feasible mounting options available.

Tracking was dismissed quite quickly as the shutters would generally be closed.  Our second option to mount within the green oak pillars that separate the large width, was also dismissed on the basis that the green oak pillars would move over time and could affect the shutter frames.

We settled on using a design that incorporates four separate framed units to create a ‘chunky’ effect that our client had envisaged from the outset. Each unit has two panels, and these are joined together and mounted to the reveal walls.

This design gives a substantial, stable, and very strong framework that could be mounted in front of the green oak pillars without having to fix to them. The outer reveal and raised sill/skirting board use more stable, dried timber and plasterboard so will not move, giving us a solid fixing.

Due to the size of the panels the only option was to use a hardwood full height shutter and our Montana range was ideal in both strength and weight for this purpose.

A Farrow & Ball copy colour with a grey finish from our Eleven collection was chosen to complement the décor.

We have used a 63mm louvre/slat to give adequate privacy but allow plenty of light to flood the room. The hidden tilt mechanism creates a simple and stylish look and allowed for both a Mid Rail and Hidden Tilt split. Therefore, each panel has three louver operations giving maximum light control and flexibility.

The installation was very straightforward and went extremely smoothly. We brought the skirting board, below the raised sill, forward to be level with the edge of the shutter frame and recut it to fit as required. The shutter frames were installed and joined together and then the outside of the frame was filled so that the shutters look seamless to the reveal edge.

We hope you agree that the end result looks stunning!

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