How do I choose the right louvre width for my shutters?

We offer shutters in 5 different louvre widths: 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm.

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There are a variety of things to consider when deciding which size to go for, such as the height and style of your window, along with the levels of light and privacy that you want to achieve. We will talk you through the different options at your free home design visit and help guide you to the right decision but essentially:

A small louvre size = less light but more privacy

A mid louvre size = a good balance of light and privacy

A larger louvre size = more light but less privacy

Currently, our most popular louvre sizes are the 63mm and 76mm options which achieve the perfect balance, and are suitable for most windows!


The 47mm is our smallest louvre and creates maximum privacy. However, it does not allow as much light in as the wider louvres. This makes it ideal for rooms in the house which require the most privacy, such as small toilets, utility rooms or walk in wardrobes. This option is only available with a traditional centre tilt rod.


This, along with the 76mm, is our most popular size. It allows a nice level of light into the room but still allows for privacy. The 63mm louvres are a great choice that allow maximum flexibility, hence their popularity.


We are seeing more and more clients opt for the 76mm louvre. When open, the larger space allows for more light to flood the room whilst, like the 63mm, still offering privacy.


This size louver is ideal if you have features on your windows such as lead lights. The wider louvre makes the window look less busy and cluttered. They allow more light into the room and are ideal for downstairs living spaces.

You may also decide to opt for a wider louvre if you have a view out of your window that you wish to maintain with the shutters in place.


This is our widest louvre size. It is ideal for very tall, large windows where you want to let as much light in as possible. As with the 89mm louvre, you may opt for the 114mm if you have great views out of your windows. Consider bigger louvre sizes for dark rooms, but be careful as the larger gaps will mean less privacy.

Don’t worry…we will chat through all of the options with you at the FREE HOME DESIGN VISIT !

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