Do window shutters suit modern or traditional homes?

The simple answer to this question is that shutters suit all ages and styles of properties! Shutters are an ideal window dressing in any style of property and we have personally installed in a huge range of buildings from Georgian to new builds.

The Victorians used solid shutters to secure their properties when they travelled and for insulation at night.

In arid environments, louvered shutters were used to reduce the heat in homes. Plantation houses in more humid, but still very hot, climates adopted a similar style of slatted shutter to do the same.

Now many years later, we have a shutter range that incorporates all of those styles and will complement any décor.

Georgian houses

Shutters in Haywards Heath, Sussex | The Window Shutter Company

Many Georgian properties were designed with sash windows, often with larger windows downstairs and smaller windows on higher floors. Traditionally, this style of property was dressed with solid shutters but today, louvered shutters are ideal for a more flexible and modern look.

Victorian houses

Window shutters suit modern or traditional Victorian houses

We have installed many shutters to Victorian style buildings, most frequently to the bay windows. Shutters are an ideal solution for a bay as they follow the line of the window and don’t encroach into the room. Whether you are trying to maintain a traditional look or modernise this style of period property, our shutters will add the finishing touch.

Edwardian houses

Shutters in Haywards Heath, Sussex | The Window Shutter Company

Very similar to a Victorian property in style. Older homes with traditional sash windows look amazing dressed with slightly narrower panels and smaller louvres, although a mid-size 63mm louver will afford good privacy without compromising on light control.

Art Nouveau & Art Deco houses

Shutters in Haywards Heath, Sussex | The Window Shutter Company

The window treatments in this style of property often features stained glass and ornate design. This would suit shutters that can fold back clear of the window, as long as you have the clearance either side of the window to achieve this.

1930s houses

Shutters in Haywards Heath, Sussex | The Window Shutter Company

Steel Crittal-style windows were also widely used here. Shutters can still suit this design but best designed in a simplistic style so as not to make the window look too busy. The hidden tilt mechanism is an ideal solution to reduce vertical lines and simplify the look.

New build houses

Full height hidden tilt split shutter Boston Premium Pure White 63mm easy tilt rectangular window exterior new build Cuckfield 1 0516

We are seeing a huge rise in popularity of shutters in new build and contemporary properties. Some modern properties are complimented by larger louvres and panels and a slightly more simplistic design. You could consider the modern hidden tilt control option although the external look for the shutters may be better suited to using the traditional mounted rod to add some character.

We believe that with careful design and consultation, which we’ll carry out in our free home design visit, we can dress your property to suit the age and style of the building and provide the solution to your requirements in terms of both use and look of the shutters.

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