Do shutters create blackout?

Shutters provide great light closure but will not create blackout. However, blackout shutters with integrated blinds are one of the most effective ways to block the light from a room.

With the clocks going forward on Sunday 31st March 2024, British Summer Time will return to the UK. And whilst some of us are desperate to see the return of longer days, the lighter mornings and evenings are not welcomed by all!

Parents of young children are one such group that can dread the clocks changing…..sleep routines are affected, children wake up earlier in the morning and then find it harder to go to sleep at night. We say this with personal experience!

Shutters in Haywards Heath, Sussex | The Window Shutter Company

Whilst no window dressing product can ever achieve 100% blackout (light will always find a way in somewhere), in our experience and from our customers feedback, shutters with an integrated blind do an excellent job.

Mounted behind the shutters, a fabric blind sits in a specialised frame with channels to keep the light out. This system is extremely effective at creating near darkness and an ideal environment to sleep. Perfect if you have young children, work shifts, or you just find it difficult to sleep unless the room is very dark.

Shutters in Haywards Heath, Sussex | The Window Shutter Company

With longer days just around the corner, one of the best investments you can make is to dress your windows with shutters. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, there are many other benefits to shutters to factor in.

Shutters are the ideal solution for insulating your windows and can reduce heat loss through your windows by up to 28%, keeping rooms warmer and blocking out draughts. Shutters are also an excellent way to shade your home in the summer to help reduce heat gain. With temperatures increasing year on year, now is the time to consider ways of keeping your home cooler during British summers and heatwaves.

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