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Hidden tilt control mechanism bay window full height shutters, Haywards Heath, louvres half tilt
Full height bay window shutters with Easi-Tilt louvres at full tilt

Whilst a tilt rod to open and close louvres is a classic look for a plantation shutter, the hidden tilt control system has become far more popular in recent years.

Suited to narrow panels or to achieve a more contemporary look, the Easi-Tilt system with a hidden control, is truly that.

Shutters in Haywards Heath, Sussex | The Window Shutter Company

First seen eight years ago, the mechanism is built into the stile of the shutter.

Replacing the traditional, clear view option which connected the louvres with a metal rod down the back edge of the louvres, the Easi-Tilt is totally invisible.

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Using a nylon tooth system and cog pins, the louvres are all controlled within a section by moving a single louvre. The torsion is adjusted and held with a standard torsion screw on one of the louvres, as with all of our shutters.

Unique to our shutter ranges, no other manufacturer can produce this system.

Many others only offer the visible bar option. In this more traditional configuration (as below), the bar can be seen through the louvres. Larger frames are also required for this set up as the bar requires additional clearance behind the panel.

Hollywood grey shutters
Shutters with visible tilt rod

With the Easi-Tilt mechanism the bar is completely hidden which I’m sure you’ll agree is both stylish and practical.

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Should an accident happen and you need us to change a damaged louver, it is so easy with this configuration. Also you have the peace of mind of a five year guarantee on the product.

We highly recommend this option if you are looking for a modern, uncluttered look to compliment your décor or have small children who are less likely to fiddle with these shutters than one with an enticing tilt rod on them!

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