Can I fit the shutters myself?

Interior shutter blinds have become a very popular window dressing in the UK and sometimes we get asked “Can I fit shutters myself?”.

The quick answer is that whilst there are self-fit products out there, we would advise extreme caution with these!

A few things to think about:

  • Are you confident with taking accurate measurements (shutters are measured to the exact millimetre)?
  • There will be no design & technical assistance in your home, in front of the windows in question.
  • Do you have the necessary hand and power tools required to install your shutters?
  • Do you have the confidence to use these tools properly?
  • Will you be comfortable working out the correct way to install the shutters?
  • Are you practical and good at solving problems should things not be straight forward? We have the knowledge and ability to overcome irregularities in the windows when installing shutters.

The choice is both vast and varied in terms of finding a source for your shutters once you have decided that they are the solution for you. The majority of the shutters sold here in the UK now come from China, although there are manufacturers in the UK who buy in component parts to be assembled here. With an average lead time on all these products, including the assembled option, of around 12-14 weeks, this is a timely process but definitely worth the wait.

In recent years there has been an increase in DIY products and a capable tradesman or expert DIY-er is very capable of fitting shutters themselves. However, we would never recommend this option and have in fact fitted shutters for several experienced carpenters and joiners. The biggest reason for this is the knowledge we have developed from years of experience and the finish that we can produce.

The art to shutters is all in the design and measuring and, if this is done properly, then fitting is relatively simple. That said, there are practices that we have learnt and honed over the years and, as we only deal in shutters, we feel we can class ourselves as experts in our field. Take a look at our About Us page to discover more.

Installing shutters

The issue with the DIY ranges is that they rely on your own measuring and that you allow for the certain irregularities of your window space or reveal. Also, whilst the factories provide a perfect product time after time, knowing how to assemble and make the most of the final article is not always that easy. Liken it to flat pack furniture without the instructions and then having to fit the square peg in the round hole!

We do not offer a supply only option and pride ourselves on offering a cost effective full design, supply and fit service for our shutters. Please refer to our Checkatrade page to reassure you regarding the service we provide.

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